About Us

Danx was founded by a group of experienced and professional yarn experts with strong capital supports, complied with the trend of the times.Danx committed to the development and promotion of environmentally sustainable and technologically enriched products, and provided solutions for heather yarn and greige yarn in cotton, cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber, supporting customer’s innovations. Danx is headquartered in Zhejiang, China. “Colorful as Cinnabar, Brilliant as Cloud", magnificent, spectacular and beautiful, Danx advocates the beauty of nature and pursuing the merits of nature.

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Born to Vogue

Product Zone

We hope that during the self development of Danx, we can drive and influence the whole industry and consumers to join in environmental protection actions and create a truly environmentally friendly lifestyle. Living together in harmony, enjoying good life together, Danx is always on the move.


Danx Yarn

Danx provides heather yarn and greige yarn in cotton, cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber, dedicated to bring customer precise solution and offer sustainable, high-end products to consumer. With the anchor of beauty, Danx strictly control the whole process from raw material sourcing, to spinning and quality supervision.

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Danx Color Book

Melange yarn classic colors are selected by Danx Vol.1 standard color book. According to the international general color system and following international fashion elements, we provide the customers with reference and guidance for the application of colors and textures of melange yarns.

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Recent News

We continue to explore, determine to improve the lives of consumers, and compose a more brilliant new chapter for the industry!

Extracting the ingenuity of nature, deducing the exquisiteness of technology